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Backup & Archive

Protect your data and applications no matter where they reside to avoid costly business interruptions

Backup & Archive with SPUSHT

Spusht can help you keep your critical business data available in the event of an outage. By offering On-Premise and Cloud Backup and Archive services, we can design a plan and implement a solution to address your backup needs.

Spusht services gives an enterprise class data backup solution completely with simplified deployment and enterprise-level management. 

  • Quick Backup - Quick Backup at your doorstep!! Reduce your Backup time from days to minutes.

  • Windows Backup in Minutes - Reduce your time to back up windows and optimize your time on your systems and application.

  • Minimize your business risk - RAID and In-built hardware helps you to restore your data quickly and accurately.

  • Protect Key Data - Key data is the core of your business; protect it, retain it or delete it through the accurate policy-based management.

  • Optimize Your IT Resources - Optimize your IT resources by allocating their time.

  • Be Cost-Efficient - Adopt cost-effective tiered storage by matching up your infrastructure costs with changing information value.
3 Key Benefits of Implementing Backup and Archive Solution with Spusht
  • Proven Expertise: Spusht has successfully implemented backup and archive solutions for various customers.

  • SME: With best solution/infrastructure architects and support engineers, Spusht will provide tailor made backup and archive solution to suit your business objectives and priorities.

  • Cost Effective: Spusht will provide a very cost effective solution